Through Workshop Groups, Editors, Professors, and style guide books I have become a better writer who improves daily.Please check out their links.

Workshop Groups

The Boldface Workshop:

Boldface is an annual workshop hosted by authors in the MFA Creative Writing Program at The University of Houston.

Dawn Ireland’s Critique Group:

Dawn Ireland’s group has been assisting writers for over 20 years. Here’s her website.

The Writers’ League of Texas Agents and Editors Conference

Editors & Critique Folk . . .

  • Anna Marie Flusche has edited several of my stories including “DOK.” She wrote this here, and is also working on a screenplay, which I was fortunate enough to read.
  • Cicely Wayne is a freelance editor in Houston who has written screenplays for over a decade and was editor for the Houston Chronicle.
  • Daniel J. Cohen has edited for about ten years, and I was honored to call him my first editor when he worked on “TTTYSK” in Chill Magazine, LLC and other side projects.
  • Darlene P. Campos, author, public speaker and editor. Darlene is a writer first, but she’s edited several of my short stories and beta-read “Diaries of Karma,” or “DOK.”
  • H.C.H. Ritz, a freelancer, edited one of the drafts of “DOK.”
  • Holly M. Kothe is a freelance editor. She worked on the most recent draft of “DOK and some of my short stories. She also beta-read “Milhama.” I highly recommend her to other writers.
  • Jaclyn Ann Lee is a freelance editor. Right now she is editing my novel “Milhama.” Before that, she edited my noir piece, “Gumshoe” and a few others. She also beta-read “DOK.”
  • Linda Humphreys beta-read “DOK.” She works hard and writes harder whenever possible.
  • Russell Buyse was beta-read “DOK.” He’s also an author working on his first suspense novel. I hope to post the amazon link here soon.

Professors . . .

Professors at The University of Houston in the Creative Writing Program, the English Program at Houston Community College, and at Chattanooga Technical Community College helped me become a better writer.

The world needs more people like them, who constantly inspire.